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27 March 1986
I admit: if I were ice cream, I would totally be vanilla (for so many reasons, and in so many ways). But: I swear to God I come with rainbow sprinkles/chocolate chips. I love to entertain people. I'm not really a whore for laughs, but sometimes I skirt the borderline. Cheering people up and making people smile is definitely my crack, however.

The Supernatural fandom currently owns my life, and that's what landed me here (that and madam_rosmerta *smirks* Thanks, Marj). Much of what I write is fangirly ramblings. There's some fic and vidding, and even a little RL stuff mixed in.

Friending policy (because, apparently, I should have one): I don't know why you'd want to, but please feel free! Or just comment on whatever you want to. Just know that I will friend you back and comment, often. I also enjoy getting comments back immensely! If you do decide to friend, please just comment somewhere so I know you did and can take the appropriate action (i.e. stalking your journal and friending you back).

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